Let the baking begin

Hello people! This is my first recipe blog. So round of applause please! Thank you thank you. This food blogging idea has been in the works for ages now, more than 8 months back I had written a recipe blog on cinnamon rolls. Somehow it never found its way on to the blog. I will … Continue reading

Can I ask a question?

Hello people! As you might know, I blog infrequently. I constantly have random thoughts and questions in my head many of them IMO can form blog posts. There are 2 main reasons why I don’t write then. 1. I get lazy and like a FIFO stack, the older thoughts are replaced by newer more random … Continue reading

Toxic – What to do?

With a recently acquired Internet-enabled phone, I am now constantly connected to Twitter and Facebook. This provides welcome breaks of 5-10 minutes from the drudgery of office life. Like everyone else, I have met lots of old classmates and friends through FB – some I had completely forgotten about and some I could not forget, … Continue reading

Cook. Click. Eat. Blog.

I have always been a very eager cook. From the time I was in school, I would bake cakes, make fancy salads (including the mayo) and the usual roti-subzi/raajma chawal/paranthas etc. From 2003 till 2005, when I was in a hostel in Ahmedabad, my cooking took a backseat. My cooking in the 5 years from … Continue reading

Be nice to old people. Buy them gifts. They like them all.

I recently turned 30. Contrary to public opinion, it was not traumatic or scary at all. Since the birthday was 5 days after my brother’s wedding, it was a bigger strain to drag my exhausted self to another dinner than to worry about the big 3-0.  I got big-big presents from all family members, which made me very happy. … Continue reading