Breakfast of champions

I was looking for a Tiramisu recipe today, because I met a friend over the weekend, who reminded me of my experiment with tiramisu a few years back. As an aside, I can’t believe how quickly the last few years have passed, I am getting old very quickly, Sigh. Anyhow, one recipe I found for the tiramisu was 860 calories per serving (only 860?!?!). So the super duper heart attack on a plate dish reminded me of the unbelievably healthy granola which I have made twice now (disappears quite quickly and without guilt). I had promised the granola recipe to quite a few people on twitter but I got too busy and forgot to post. So without any further delay, here is the tried and tested recipe.

From bbcgoodfood with minor modifications


Vegetable oil – 2 Tbsp

Honey – 2 Tbsp

Maple syrup – 125ml (Recently learnt that maple syrup is healthier than honey. I am super happy.)

Vanilla extract – 1tsp

Rolled oats – 300g

Sesame seeds – 4 Tbsp

Sunflower seeds – 50g

Pumpkin seeds – 50g

Almonds – 100g (I used flaked, but roughly chopped would be good I think)

Dried fruit (raisins, cranberries etc) – 100g

Coconut – 50g (I used desiccated, but flakes would be good too.

Other things that might be welcome in the granola are walnuts or pecans, roughly chopped.


1. Heat oven to 150C /130 C fan

2. Mix the liquids (oil, honey, maple syrup, vanilla extract) in a bowl. Add everything else, except for the fruit and coconut. Mix properly.

3. Spread on a large baking tray or 2 small trays. Put it in the oven. Bake for 15 minutes, but keep using a fork to turn the mixture every 5 minutes to ensure even cooking.

4. After 15 minutes, mix in the dried fruit and the coconut. Mix properly.

5. Put it back in the oven for another 10-15 minutes, again turning every 5 minutes to make it crisp. You can choose how crisp and roasted you want your granola.

That is it. Super healthy granola.Tada!

You can have it with milk or yogurt, people who had this (friends, brother and AMI), tried all different ways and liked it. I ate it like a snack (in a movie hall actually), very nice. If you want to make it fancy, make a parfait.

Please try. This is fool-proof, it will turn out nice and very easy too.

P.S. The heart attack on a plate comment I made earlier reminded me of this: Am speechless.

One Response to “Breakfast of champions”
  1. A&N says:

    I’m going to be making this as part of my Christmas goodies this time. Maybe with a couple of changes since buying maple syrup in India may ensure I have a heart attack before eating that Tiramisu 😛

    will let you know how it went 🙂 thanks!

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