Super simple plum crumble

Heyllo all! After the very enthu post announcing the beginning of the food blog, I disappeared. The reasons I don’t want to get into, suffice to say some very personal reasons. And when it was not that, it was just laziness. Anyways, moving on swiftly to the business of food blogging, I bring to you a super simple plum crumble recipe.

Yesterday I was sorting the multitude of free and bought recipe books and papers at home and saw this recipe in a BBC Good Food supplement. The two reasons it caught my attention were: I had some plums lying around, and I desperately wanted to use them before they rot like the plums which have been in the fridge for ages. (At any given moment in time there is a rotting plum in my home.)

The second reason being it needed cold butter and I didn’t need to worry about softening the butter. (Yes. I am VERY lazy.)

We have signed up for a service here where a fruit and veg box with organic, local (all those fancy words) produce is sent to us every fortnight. They send us really good food, even though sometimes some veggies/fruits go waste. And I have learnt how to use vegetables which are not normally used in Indian cooking–things like parsnips, courgettes, leeks and so on.

So anyways, back to plums. This recipe used up the latest set of plums and the result was really good. I modified the recipe for one simple reason, I did not have the right ingredients. Another selling point of the recipe is that it seems healthier than other desserts. I am just basing this on my judgement, no scientific basis but what the hell.  Do make it and let me know how it went.


8 plums, halved, stone removed

4 tbsp honey

50g butter , cut into pieces

50g plain flour

50g rolled oats

25g caster sugar

½ tsp ground cinnamon

Handful of almonds (as you like them – flakes or chopped roughly or chopped finely)

1. Preheat oven to 200 C or 180 C fan

2. Place the plums with the skin down in a baking dish/small roasting tin. Put 2 tbsp honey on them and place in the oven for 10 minutes.

3. Prepare the crumble by mixing the flour, sugar, butter and oats in a bowl. Rub the butter with the fingers till the mixture looks like rough bread crumbs. Add the almonds.

4. Spread the crumble over the plums and drizzle the remaining honey over the plums and crumble. (I ran out of honey at this step, so the crumble was a little less sweet than would be ideal)

5. Place in oven for 15 minutes or till the crumble turns golden.

And that is it.

Plum Crumble

We (me and AMI) tried this on its own and the consensus is that it would be great with Vanilla ice cream to make it slightly unhealthier but also moist and tastier. Let me know your experience if you do end up trying. Speak (post?) again soon hopefully. 🙂

2 Responses to “Super simple plum crumble”
  1. S says:

    Nice 🙂 Am going for a second go at it soon. Here’s my take on it after the first time 😉

    • kaaliyakapoor says:

      Thanks S. Super funny post. Though I think people who ask for only the vanilla icecream, don’t know what they are missing. 🙂

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