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I have always been a very eager cook. From the time I was in school, I would bake cakes, make fancy salads (including the mayo) and the usual roti-subzi/raajma chawal/paranthas etc. From 2003 till 2005, when I was in a hostel in Ahmedabad, my cooking took a backseat. My cooking in the 5 years from 2005 to 2010 has been extremely sporadic, it has partly to do with the fact that in Mumbai, somehow there seemed to be less time available and partly with the fact that I just became lazy.

After moving to Delhi, two things happened: 1.we finished a long overdue purchase – a Morphy Richards OTG; and 2. Soon after we shifted to Delhi, I found the awesome Le Marche department store in Vasant Vihar and Saket.

As a result of these two, I have started trying my hand at cooking again, and I am happy to inform that the experiments have been quite successful. With the new-found interest in photography, the combination has been more than satisfying for me.

Following are the pictures of my experiments, hope you like them:

Tomato, cheese and Herb Pizza: The first preparation in the OTG. Both the hubby and I are fans of the thin crust. Here I made the crust first and once that was done, I baked the pizza. Both of us loved it.


Borough market brownie: Last year, the hubby and I went to London for a vacation. On that trip we went to Borough Market, I absolutely loved it. We saw the farmer’s market, also the smoothie stalls, the sandwich stalls and the famous brownie stalls. We tried most of those things and on the whole had a great time there. So, when I saw the recipe called borough market brownie, I knew I had to try it. The brownie turned out to be just the right amount of sweet and chocolaty and quite gooey and rich. There was only one problem – I don’t like gooey brownie much.


The hubby loved it. Though to his credit, he is very encouraging and would never say anything bad about my cooking.

Chocolate cookies with chocolate chips: When my parents bought our first microwave way back, I wasted what I thought was biscuit/cookie batter more than once. I was disappointed not to have a good recipe which would work in a microwave.(By this time, the oven in my parents’ house had died a slow and painful death)

With the OTG I did make chewy jumbo chocolate cookies with chocolate chips as soon as I got time and ingredients.


Cheesy Bonfire Bread: This is a yeasty bread made with generous amounts of cheddar cheese. It was an 80% success, slightly doughy but quite tasty. The doughiness was I guess because I tried to make the bread healthy and use multi grain instead of regular atta + maida mix. Anyhoo nice bread, will make again, especially since hubby brought excellent gruyere type cheese from Zurich. He interview the CEO of Hublot, the watch maker, and the kind man gave him a slice of cheese he made in his personal dairy. Here is the Hublot CEO’s photo.


Other fair successes have been chocolate chip muffins, fancy bagel sandwiches, pastas.


Super Success: Oatmeal and raisin cookies. I loved them completely! So did everyone who tasted it. Even my mom loved it. Who is living in constant fear that I will quit one day to cook. (I might) Yay!!!


There have also been some near hits and some disasters. e.g. my tiramisu tasted perfect but didn’t set properly, the cauliflower soup was slightly too thick and the scones. Oh my God, the scones. They were too salty and not nice at all. But we will not talk about the scones. I am very touchy about the scones. Sob.

All in all, excellent experience till now. Wish me luck, I am planning to make a coffee based cake soon and I am hoping I can use my newly made vanilla sugar for it. Tell me about your cooking experiments and send me any good recipes. Also any tips for good ingredient suppliers in Delhi?

Any compliments on my cooking will be highly appreciated. One day when I start my world-class muffin delivery business, I might send you a free box.

P.S. Check out for the warm fuzzy feeling which good food can bring. Also check and Both women have great sites and yummy food photos.

20 Responses to “Cook. Click. Eat. Blog.”
  1. Ramaa Ramesh says:

    Quick. Where do you live? Can I expect muffins??

  2. Sabbah Haji says:

    Aiyyo! Awesomeness. Choco chip cookies… cheesy thin crust pizza…. frusssshh breads. God bless you. And thank God I came across here after a nice dinner. Keep going. Food pics are instant pick-me-ups.

    • kaaliyakapoor says:

      They absolutely are. Am sure people in my office think I am psycho. Coz along with sites like news and twitter, I check out food sites regularly. 🙂

  3. Ms Taggart says:

    Oh man! Those are some good experiments! Reminds me of the last time I entered kitchen! 😦 and how much I miss it!
    Thin crust? How did you make it? Thats something I want to perfect!

  4. Deepak says:

    OMG!!! I am speechless. A Girl with so many drastic but fantastic tastes. A Dream GIRL for anyone. I, openly, accept Sid has been lucky to get you (remember our last twitter conversation on this on which Sid never replied too).

    But one thing for sure, next time I visit Delhi, I can’t resist visiting you and try one of these things at your home.

  5. James says:

    You should try the INA market for the ingredient supplier. There are quite a lot of them there. Lot of expats shop there.

    BTW for the pizzas and cookies, what do you put them on in the oven?

    • kaaliyakapoor says:

      Will do. Will hopefully visit this weekend. (Plus nice food at Dilli Haat will be added bonus)

      I have 2 baking trays, one which came with the OTG and one which I bought.

  6. Samanth says:

    What you really need, Kaaliya, is an unbiased taster. Not a biased one like the hubby, who NEEDS to say nice things about cheddar biscuits to keep you in his good books…but an unbiased one, like say his colleague at Mint who has also written a book that deals a little bit with food in it, and who reads the NY Times Dining supplement religiously on Wednesdays.

    Just saying.

    • kaaliyakapoor says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Especially since the hubby could do with a little less fatty food. I will keep sending my experiments to office. (BTW I did send the oatmeal cookies, don’t know if you got them)

      How is book doing? 🙂

  7. lonetwins says:

    This explains the 6 pack abs that Sidin carries 🙂

  8. Sumantics says:

    I think I just died. And went to hell.

    I haven’t had lunch yet.

    Pity me. Sob.

    Furnish the recipes, please? When I buy my OTG (which I plan to soon), I will cook, eat and link to your blog. Promise.

    • kaaliyakapoor says:

      You must cook, share some, eat some and link to blog. 🙂 Most of the recipes are from Am a big fan of the mag and the site. Also if you are an iphone or ipod touch user epicurious is excellent! (Saw your site – Curd rice looks yummy. I want. Now. Even though I have had lunch.)

  9. Rehab says:

    My food heaven for tips and recipes is :

  10. Prasoon says:

    Nice!! I’ll keep an eye for recipe links n more such eatables out here n maybe ask Sidin for lunch someday when I’m in Delhi 😀
    Tell me one thing though – can the usual Convection Grill microwave replace what the OTG does for cakes, cookies etc – guess it should but with some diff settings?

    • kaaliyakapoor says:


      The convection grill microwave works as well. A friend of mine used that exclusively. i am not sure how the settings would work though.

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