Be nice to old people. Buy them gifts. They like them all.

I recently turned 30. Contrary to public opinion, it was not traumatic or scary at all. Since the birthday was 5 days after my brother’s wedding, it was a bigger strain to drag my exhausted self to another dinner than to worry about the big 3-0.  I got big-big presents from all family members, which made me very happy.

When we were kids, we were taught not to open presents immediately. ‘It would look like we wanted the presents’. I have always followed this religiously. Whenever I get presents, I keep them politely with me, with a polite “Iski kya zaroorat thi?” or “You shouldn’t have.” This is what the world sees. What my hubby sees is slightly different:

Me: Get in the car quick. I need to open my presents.

Hubby: Now?! Can’t you do it when we reach home?

Me: What??

Hubby: Umm…errr…I mean, if you have to open them now, let us open them here. You know…before we start driving. You can do it in the car if you like.

Me: No!!! We have to be out of sight when I open them. Otherwise I will look greedy. Stupid.

Hubby: Sweetie, so you want me to drive? While you open the presents?

Me: Yes. Thank god you finally get it. Now Let’s go.

So. Net net, I made my non-driver non-emotional atheist hubby, drive us home in the middle of the night, while he was alternating between saying tearful goodbyes to his family and praying to all sorts of gods. Meanwhile, I happily opened my presents – a kurti, an iPhone, an SLR camera, a handbag and a saree. Yay! Delights well worth risking death for.

We did reach home safely and I loved all the presents.

As you would know, I have not updated my blog for a long time now. A lull in the office and the increased wisdom due to my age, have inspired me to write again. I am thinking about how I became the person I am today.

Well not really.

Mostly I was thinking of random things and I am going to write about them. Am sure all of you are nice people, and you have been told to be nice to old people, so bear with me and read on.

Ok, so where were we? Yes. My presents. Now the thing is I love nearly all presents. I have no clue why.

My hubby thinks I like all presents, even the bad ones. I think that is absolute rubbish.

But then he has proof.

Incident 1: When I was quite young, Barbie dolls were fairly new in the market. I really liked them but I would never mention it to anyone that I wanted one. I think it is because I thought they were too expensive and I didn’t want my parents to buy it for me if they couldn’t afford it.  I don’t exactly know how my parents figured out that I wanted it. I think after many  years of coveting it, I told my mom “it is nice, if only it was not so expensive.” I got it as a gift for my 13th birthday I think. The second I touched the nicely wrapped gift, I knew it was a barbie. The only time, I screamed like a girl in my life. I loved it completely. Even now, my mom talks about how excited I was. Even though, I was past the age of playing with dolls, I played. I was super happy and then after a year or so, I gave it to my 10 year old cousin.

Incident 2: This next incident is still a point of disagreement in our marriage. For our wedding, a school friend of mine gave us a small silver supari box. It had a silver top and the bottom was transparent but very good quality plastic. It was quite pretty, and I genuinely liked it. He, on the other hand didn’t. He still cribs about it and this is where you come in. Please tell me that a good silver and plastic supari box is a good gift. Am sure you will take my side. The hubby made me give up the present. Though really I’ve just hidden it away somewhere safe.

Sidin the hubby: Yes yes. This is very prudent. You never know when you will urgently need the cheapest gift ever gifted by man.

I am still looking for the gifts that I don’t like. I mean, I am not actually looking for those gifts, I would just like to prove my hubby wrong. Tell me what are the bad gifts you have received and I am sure I will find gifts which even I would not like.

Help an honest well-meaning wife get one moment of “You were wrong idiot husband. You suck. Some supari?”

It’s a good cause.

9 Responses to “Be nice to old people. Buy them gifts. They like them all.”
  1. Nwaz says:

    I have a smile as I write this the box for sopari that you have mentioned no one gifted me and I had seen them and found them very attractive and handy so I picked up one to keep my earrings etc and they are so good that I really collect those kind , one l carry with me in my hand bag i keep some cloves 🙂

    Trust me the first one I must have bought at least ten years back and the plastic is as it is



  2. I had an ipod nano which got spoilt and wanted a bigger, better one.. and my birthday present was… a shuffle!

    other bad presents I have had.. someone got me a gift from ‘Singapore’, and it was one of those pot and swaying flower things that are sold for 15 bucks at signals here. Flashy bright, bad garrishly colored plastic flowers on equally bad plastic pots which sway when the car moves.

    At least your supari box has a silver lid!!

    • kaaliyakapoor says:

      The ipod shuffle is not a bad gift at all, below expectations but still not bad. The flower pot thing, I agree, is. I don’t mind people being cheap, but being cheap, having bad taste and lying about it assuming I am stupid, that is unaceeptable.

  3. The silver and plastic supari box is a good present. An excellent present. A present, if it weren’t called that, would be the future. A present that symbolizes the two dynamic worlds of shiny silver and a product made as in the process of fossil fuel refining, a process without which you would have no use for a car, and you’d have had to open those gifts looking greedy and walking back 50 kilometers to your homes. Indeed, silver and plastic. What a fantastic, thoughtful present.

    There, I said it.

    It’s not working. I’m still 35.

  4. rbx says:

    A dozen pieces of cloth, an iPhone, an SLR, a handbag! Who will not be happy with such a set of gifts?!

    My 30th birthday last year, all I got was a trip to Goa. That too dutch! 😦

    I think I need to find new (richer) relatives & friends.

  5. nomad says:

    i think we should open presents instantly and show our excitement…isn’t it the best way of thanking someone nd making him/her happy? But do make sure to hide ur emotions nd expressions if u find the gift unattractive 🙂

    i always preferred to gift books/flower vase, a safe bet. But, gifting is actually a headache. You never know the likes and dislikes of people as it keeps changing with moods 😦

    So my mom has a better way of doing, cash and coupons.

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