Sex And The City: He no likey. Me Likey!

The hubby is working late today, so I came home and decided to pig out on some popcorn. As the dutiful wife, I should be able to wait till dinner with the help of my snack. (And when I say popcorn, I mean Hide and Seek, bhujia, moongfali gajjak AND popcorn.) But then this post has nothing to do with my snacking habits. So let us run along without unnecessary commenting or dwelling upon this feeling of guilt that is bubbling up.

Burp.(Muffled and graceful in that womany way)

Around 95% of the time, the absent minded idiot (AMI) and I love the same tv shows: House MD, Law and order SVU, Will and Grace, Frasier, Friends and so on. There is only one choice of TV series where we have a major disagreement. We can never watch it together: Sex and the City.

So now that the AMI and his set of roll-prone eyes were far away in his newsroom, I decided to binge on some SATC. Also, blame the sugar high, I started thinking about his reasons for hating the show, and mine for loving it.

He thinks: All the characters in the show are fake. And the fact that the quartet of divas make fun of the fake-ness of others is annoying

He thinks: All the characters are selfish and therefore unlikeable. Unbearable.

He thinks: The show has bad dialogue: “Unreal! Forced! Unnatural! Sensationalist! Boring! SLAP! Actually when I think about it I like it…”

He thinks: The show sells cheap thrills.

He thinks.


All this from someone who likes the most random movies, and dragged me along to watch 2012.

2012 is one of the worst movies ever made. Really. EVER. Roland Emmerich is every ounce as grave a threat to mankind as is global warming.


So why do I like SATC so much? Let me count the ways:

Well, first of all, the lives these women lead are, in a way, glamorous. They always have time for sunday brunch with best friends. They have few or no chores. They shop for things that they clearly can’t afford. Their lingerie is never boring. They always have blow dried hair. They always eat out but don’t put on weight. I think these things are fun. Impractical, clearly impossible, but fun. What I consider luxury is, for them, routine.

To quote one of my favourite literary characters: “Me likey”.

Carrie and company do what they like, say what they like. They may be selfish. In fact, I am sure they are all selfish characters in their own ways. But there is something aspirational in all this no?

I think we all end up doing a lot of things in life to please others, which only complicates life. Keeping up with social obligations is a source of stress. I think its cool that Carrie & co. just cut off from unpleasant situations and run.

It would be awesome to only meet and interact with people you like. Don’t you think? I interact with way too many people, on a daily basis, who I want to strangle with my dupatta. And then run their bodies through wood chipper.

All four of them love their jobs.

This is rare but also awesome. I especially love Carrie’s job. She sits in front of a pretty window occasionally looking at rain or snow. Starting all her columns with “I couldn’t help but wonder…”. Clearly her job pays fantastically well. A house like that in Manhattan and the huge collection of shoes, including all those Manolo Blahniks… Drool. Sigh.

I would happily write a column every week, writing about the many wonderings of my mind. When I think of her low involvement, high paying job, “I can’t help but wonder…”

But you know what I REALLY like?

The cheesy dialogues, and Carrie’s thoughts narrated out loud. I have always thought that my mind is full of random thoughts, sometimes stupid and sometimes profound. It is comforting to know that others, yes even Sarah Jessica Parker, have them too. Things like Twitter and Facebook status updates are great for people like me. They let me vent all those incessant musings that stream through my mind like a CNBC ticker at noon. Of course, the completely stupid ones still stay only in my head.

But there `
So, net net, I like this show.

To paraphrase yet another towering literary figure: “What’s not to like? Glamour? Good. Selfishness? Good. Fun jobs? Good. Random musings? Good!”

Agree/Disagree? Tell me about your random thoughts. About the Sex and The City. Or anything.

15 Responses to “Sex And The City: He no likey. Me Likey!”
  1. shilpi says:

    The 4 characters are exaggerations of 4 different character types that pretty much sum up urban womankind ..
    the hopeless romantic art lover , the cynical and successful lawyer , the confused never-wants-to-grow up glam writer and well.. the flirtatious (sometimes slutty) PR power wielder

    every woman tries (or imagines) to see a bit of herself in one (or all) the characters .. something that men don’t ..

    which is probably why there are such divergent gender-dependent views when it comes to SATC ..

    • kaaliyakapoor says:

      Completely agree! I mean the series is not believable. Neither were 70s Bollywood movies, both are entertaining though. 🙂

  2. Melissa says:

    Has the hubby ever watched Entourage? Get it for him and watch as you hate the show and he loves the show and nary the ‘twain shall meet. It’s the man’s SATC. Totally implausible, ridiculous dialogue and men drool for it.

    • kaaliyakapoor says:

      Actually both of us like entourage. When I first saw it, I confronted him with the SATC for guys logic.

      Being the super reasonable and unbiased person that he is, he obviously denied any similarity, said the characters were more real, unpretentious and the dialogues were great.

      Felt like I was talking to a wall. 🙂

  3. Purnima Rao says:

    …and the men…you forgot the men 🙂
    Will defend SATC tooth and nail against ignant boys too.

    Unsolicited advice for joint TV viewing: Californication. Easily (and illegally if thrill is what you seek) downloadable and totally worth clogging up bandwidth.

  4. Sabbah Haji says:

    Gulp. I don’t like ‘SATC’. In fact, just thinking of it makes me go ‘GULP’. I want to slap SJP often. Also the other ladies, esp goody two shoes (brunette) with a series of ugly husbands. Big is dreamy, but the show pisses me off on every level.
    Strangely I like all the other shows you mention. Oi! What about ‘Closer’?

  5. Ms Taggart says:

    I love the show, and yes the husband doesnt! I know there are many impractical things in the show, but I love it for the sheer girl-bonding, the amount of time they all spend together and their shopping! And of course, how stylish they are… and not to forget Samantha and how cool she is! 🙂

    • kaaliyakapoor says:

      Exactly!!! I completely get what you are talking about. 🙂 Sometimes husbands can be such idiots!

  6. SSD says:

    I’m a little young to be talking about husband/wife stuff but Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a horse 🙂

    But we had a guy in our hostel who was hooked to SATC. He had practically memorised it.

    PS: Came across your blog from Sidin’s Buzz feed.

  7. She says:

    So, I just got married a little while ago and I presumed that as long we watched EVERY SINGLE RE-RUN EPISODE of Two and a Half Men, the hubby would be content and would not hassle me while I watched SATC!!! I was completely and I mean completely wrong. Not only does he dislike SATC, he cannot bear the sight of even it’s ads. So, I’ve lived without SATC for a few months now 😦 He didn’t even offer to take me for the SATC 2 movie!!!!

    But my views on the show, all of what you say and more. Though I feel its a little more realistic than people give it credit for. They are honest about their promiscuity, frank about their problems, even sexual ones, they actually go bald when the have cancer, their concerns are vain but then that’s probably what they are all about. Atleast its not a preachy kinda show!!!

    • kaaliyakapoor says:

      First of all, go and thank your husband for saving you from the pain that is SATC2. 🙂

      I completely understand how you are feeling. I now watch the series alone.

      I completely agree, the fact that its not preachy is a relief. I am not sure how realistic it is, but I definitely think certain bits are spot on and certain bits aspirational. Both are fun to see. 🙂

      We should have SATC parties, where we dress up and go and have cosmopolitans. 🙂

  8. Mohan says:

    loved this post… lots of girls I know are hooked to SATC, but never could articulate why… maybe they just didnt think I would understand or empathize ! ( I am a guy)

    And yeah, I loved the parting quote by the “towering literary figure”. cant help wondering… Joseph Francis Tribbiani?

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