3 Questions. No clear answers.

3 thoughts and many more questions:

1. I have never met anyone who doesn’t care about what others think of him/her. Everyone has their own circle, which makes them think “what will they think/say about me”. My friends (nearly all) care about what their friends/colleagues think, my parents’ generation seems to care about a larger circle (friends, relatives, neighbours, loosely defined category of log (people)). People in the media care about critics, people in the corporate offices care about peers and bosses and so on. Why do we tell people “to hell with what other people think” when we can’t follow this ourselves. Seems to me, noone can but nearly everyone preaches. The worst is when parents warn kids not to succumb to peer pressure, and will make kids jump through hoops so that their own peer group doesn’t judge them.

I thought of this because in my opinion the opposition to the depiction of poverty in Slumdog is basically a bunch of Indians thinking, ” ab western world mein log kya kahenge/sochenge” (What does the west think/say about us)

2. At a party some time back, we were discussing how a lot of countries have a counter culture driven largely by anger which surfaces in the form of graffiti, rap music, dark art etc. but not India. What I found surprising after this observation was, not only is such counter culture missing, I see a lot of happy and content youngsters coming from the most restricted families, not even tempted to break the rules just because they find rules stifling. I mean, when I was young, I grew up with my share of fights with my parents because I thought they were too narrow minded. I see these youngsters and kids and wonder if they ever get thoughts of rebellion or being restricted, I think not.

If I am right, is there something parents are doing right in India or are they emotionally paining their kids so they follow rules or is it that the repressed frustrations of the kids will raise their ugly head in some fashion later in their lives?

3. Why do the extremists of multiple religions talk in the same tone and about the same things (Marriage, Women being inferior to men, women should dress modestly etc.)? If they have some agreement on some of the things, why do most of them say we are right and all other sects/religions a work of the devil?

I fail to understand the need to stay true to one particular culture/faith/belief system. Accepting change in beliefs is in my opinion a sign of maturity. It is unlikely and also unbelievable that any sensible person has believed in the same thing all their life. I am sure as kids we thought that 16 is obviously the age when life is completely clear to you. If we can change views why should it bother us if others believe in different things. Their views on anything and everything, are most likely going to change in the future, just like yours did and will.

2 Responses to “3 Questions. No clear answers.”
  1. varsha says:

    This is most interesting….especially the second point..I have seen kids (including people way into their 20s and even 30s) who are working and earning..but they abide by really silly parental rules..wierd deadlines or not being allowed to drive the car, not being permitted to go out on a vacation with friends, or taking permission for a party…

    I cant imagine a 22 year old european woman not taking these things for granted as a normal part of her adult life…

    Most Indian kids say they obey because Indians respect their parents always…you cant argue with them and tell them that self-imposed guidelines are a sign of maturity and adulthood….

  2. Priti says:

    As they say, ‘Duniya mein sabse bada rog… mere baare mein kya kahenge log’!

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