Back to the glorious past!

The Right is right. The flag bearers of Indian culture have every right to be angered at the filthy western habits of the Bhartiya Naari like wearing western clothes, jeans and cut sleeves t-shirts,  which leave the woman nearly nude…(its ok, Geometry is hard for some people!)… Going to Pubs(double gasp)…and celebrating Valentine’s day ( hey bhagwan…in horror, not in greeting).  I completely agree, I think there are certain steps which need to be taken to ensure that our glorious country can go back in time to its glorious days. Its a western concept to talk of moving forward, let them move forward, we will steadfastly take steps back in time, I stand by them in their action plan. I have a few additional suggestions to take this transition to the next level:

1. How dare people travel by trains and buses – These are symbols of our days under the British rule, did the Gods take the 501 bus or the 9:10 local, its not a part of our culture and is not acceptable.

2. Cars and scooters – These are just ways for the west to suck us into their world of transportation, fast movement and meeting each other. These are the things which lead to girls and boys from good households travelling distances to meet each other and be in confined spaces…chi chi. Ban all modes of transport, except the trusted beasts of burden and the carts which they carry.

3. I have broken the code of Indianness, I know I am guilty, the evils of telcommunication, the landlines and mobiles are works of the asuras, if they are so important, how could people survive without them in our past. I have not forgotten the internet, lets all stop using it for its not Indian.

4. Next in line are people living anywhere except their own home towns, its absolutely horrifying that people with this western concept of ambition in their head move to different corners of the country and the world. They are the responsible parties in putting India on the global map with the software engineers and investment bankers and accountants and doctors all making a mark for themselves. Blech, makes me want to puke. Lets all just stick to the primary sector, work on farms, mines, animal rearing etc. That is the true India, not the India which sends vehicles to the Moon, which creates cars, which makes institutions like the IITs and the IIMs.

5. Now, I am very sure that none of the fundamental right wing true blue Indians fall at the feet of corrupt, poisonous western medicine to solve health problems, our own vaidyas have the cure for everything. Also no activists of this most noble cause, would ever go to or let anyone in their families ever study in an engligh medium school, its obviuosly not useful, in fact, schools are not useful. Our glorious tradition of Gurukul is what is required in this day and age.

The laundry list of things un-indian which should be banned since all of them in some way lead to women (not men obviously, sheesh!) commit many many deeds which are against the bharatiya nari’s code of conduct (which is written where exactly? I forget) is long, and they all must be stopped. Working in jobs, where men and women work together is despicable, clothes made using machines is so against our culture, how about Cricket and Hockey (we spit on these British wastes of time),  Paper currency (the root of all evil), Roads  made with concrete and cement and using machines, where is the love for kachcha roads), Honeymoon (leaving old parents at home to go have fun, nooooooo shravan kumar would not have done that).

I am sure the list can be longer but then I am just a woman, am sure my sanskriti does not allow me to voice my opinion publicly.

Since, we must practice what we preach, once all these things are given up by the custodians of our pure and superior culture, maybe we can accept the likes of SRS, MNS etc asking others to live a certain way or else to let everyone live in peace.

God be with them in this endeavour, except for one small thing, If I were God, would I not have other things to take care of instead of worrying about/get offended by what one wears or puts in their mouth. Or maybe these are the things God is worrying about and has no time for the floods/poor/sick/war-affected/religious fanatics.

2 Responses to “Back to the glorious past!”
  1. 2dayswriter says:

    I agree with you, lets go back in time, how dare they try improve our quality of life… these evil “western things” !
    Somewhere this “unwritten code for Bharatiya nari and her conduct in society ” (with additional supplements for new upcoming leaders(!) , saviours of our sanskriti ) does exist.

  2. Kushal says:

    Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant.

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