Car. Meet fifth gear. Fifth gear. Meet car.

AMI and I have shifted to Saadi Dilli from Aamchi Mumbai a couple of weeks back.  After a lot of running around (when is the truck with the stuff reaching?, we need to call electrician, plumber etc.) and some amount of panicking (we will never find a maid, there are no curtains available for the windows this size.)  we are finally settling in very well thank you. We have gone from, “its too cold!” to “aaj thand nahin hai na” in pretty much the same temperature.

I have spent a large part of my life in Delhi, going to school and college here, so for me its more re-acquainting than introduction to a new city. Though the amount it has changed is phenomenal. The roads are for the most part, super fantastic, if you are coming from Mumbai, the roads would scare you, “Something is wrong. Why is my car moving so much and so fast”. “Am I going deaf? Why is no one honking?” etc.  A lot of people have asked me which do you like better, Delhi or Mumbai. I think its too early to comment but then not having enough information has never stopped any proud Indian (or should I say Punjabi) from giving a completely convinced opinion(In any case, there are no more than 10 people who know I blog 🙂 )

The one thing which the MBA has taught me is not to commit to any one argument.  I love the following words and phrases – on the other hand, the flip side is that, however, having said that etc. I love them only when I use them, of anyone else uses, I find it super annoying and form an opinion that this idiot knows nothing. So to avoid annoying the aforementioned 10 people, I will try to avoid the MBA gyaan in the analysis (I can call it analysis even if it is just opinion, cos its my blog.)

So here goes my analysis of how things work (things which affect me) in both cities.

1. Traffic

Delhi wins hands down. The drivers are equally bad everywhere just that the infrastructure in Dilli allows people the luxury of making mistakes. It is in my mind, the land of “hum jahaan khade hote hain, line wahin se shuru hoti hai” but a little bit of shaking head in disgust, questioning looks and gestures, and occasionally some gaalis, traffic is moving. The only sad thing is that with the nice roads, a little extra effort towards following traffic rules, the city could have world class traffic. I have a solution (I mostly do), we need cameras at many many traffic signals and I am sure each will break even within a day if not within hours. Nevertheless, this is the city where our car got introduced to existence of a fifth gear.

Mumbai on the other hand does not have a traffic problem if by traffic we mean moving vehicles. I have heard all excuses – Its straight and so there is only one route possible, Its too big an exercise, maybe the money is less. Our conclusion (me and AMI) is the only problem is lack of will from the politicians.

2. Food  –

In terms of mid range restaurants, I know Mumbai has quite a few, not so sure about Delhi. The road side food variety in Delhi is unmatched from kulche chole, golguppe, chaat to boiled egg/omlette places, you name it, its there. I am slightly unsure about the premium restaurants, coz when I left Delhi after graduation, most places seemed premium :). Will update on food soon. Have just found this site and am becoming even more happy.

3. Late nights –

Mumbai absolutely wins for sure, the city is super safe. Getting a cab or auto in the middle of the night or even early morning is safe. For women, its completely safe till around midnight, post which might be good to have someone along. The street lights work at all times, or so I think based on my experience.

Compared to that, Delhi with its malfunctioning street lights, open spaces and green covers combined with the cowardice of the men becomes unsafe undoubtedly. The neem on top of the karela is that Delhi police seems to be less competent/willing to help than their Mumbai counterparts. Women would not feel safe after 9 in most places. This website with the right intentions and the wrong methods, would find a big market in Delhi methinks. If there exists a partying circuit in Delhi, I am not so sure(have heard rumours of it though).

4. People

I very strongly believe that middle class indians are the same across the country in terms of basic values. Their level of modernity might differ from city to city but basic nature is more or less the same. Seems like there is no comparison here. The thing that has changed is  instead of  hearing “Abbe Gaadi hata, paka mat”, you end up hearing (specially in Gurgaon), ” Bhai, Gaddddi hatta le, dimaag kharab na kar”.

Any comments or additions are welcome. Tell tell.

One Response to “Car. Meet fifth gear. Fifth gear. Meet car.”
  1. Henna says:

    And of course.. the fact that u save so much time traveling… that u can blog! 🙂

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