I have the weirdest luck with jobs. 

I have done 2 internships in my student life and now am on my second job. Everywhere I go, I have tons of free time, work just disappears. When everyone around is cribbing that the work is too much and pressure is killing them, I am peacefully going through blogs, doing crossies and sudoku to kill time and nodding along whenever the topic of work pressure comes up.   

Also everywhere I have been for whatever short period of time, I have brought the house down. 

No I mean literally.  

Major accidents have happened everywhere, thankfully, all without any loss of life. Parts of buildings died though.  

My first internship was at an IT company of some repute, known to be hard task masters. I went in with the some expectations. I got work in spurts and by that I mean, decent amount of work before lunch. After lunch I used to chat with friends, most of them were taking out time to talk to me whereas I was looking for anyone who changed their status from busy to available.  

I used to occasionally change my status to busy so that my friends don’t think that I am too velli (I know its very sad!). On a few occasions I have told friends “BRB” and then moved to another window to talk to other friends so that I sound busy (I know its even sadder!!).  

One night, during my last fortnight there, a fire erupted in the office causing minor damage. I didn’t make much of it at the time, little knowing that this is one in a series of such incidents. 

The second internship, as a part of my summers from my B-School, was at an international bank. I liked the place and went in with plans of cracking the scene there. I spent majority of my time chasing my boss who was a very senior and, as a result, very busy man. I used my time to make fancy graphs and do some snazzy analysis. Also I started talking online to other friends who were facing an internship experience straight from hell.  

I just counted my blessings and moved on in life. 

I tried to push back the feeling that it was happening all over again to me, by doing what I do best, Eat!! And being in Delhi made it soooo much easier. Aah Delhi food! But that’s probably for another blog. The feeling of Déjà vu returned when in the last week of my internship a floor of my building collapsed. Speculations followed from my friends that the collapse was linked to my project there. Some also said maybe firms should take special permissions if they wanted to put people my size in their building.  

Its not that the projects were too small, just that after having a long period of free time, the moment I got work, I jumped on it and finished it too soon. I tried to pace the work, but like an engineering student fond of the spirits who has come back from a break at his teetotaler home(oh what a bad and convoluted comparison..yuck!), I couldn’t help but work without stopping.  

At the time, I thought, I am being over-enthusiastic and as an intern, I should not expect too much work. Thankfully both projects turned out fine but I couldn’t say I knew how corporate life was. 

My first job had a really long rotational program and I went through around 6 months of classroom training and stints in 3 different departments. My stint in treasury sales was the only one where work was regular. I had enough free time to proof read my boyfriend’s blogs and other pieces of writing but overall there was work.  

The other two departments I spent time in, the first had work which ended at 11:30 or 12, the second I had no work for around 2 weeks straight. I found my favourite blogs, and explored the wonders of wikipedia. I started hating the thought of being at work and doing nothing and of going home and answering questions about what exactly my role was.  

I hated it when HR said “you should take initiative”, I did. I asked everyone for work, and they had nothing. When I got work, it was work, which no one else would touch because it was so bad. I found the situation very funny most of the time and irritating some of the time.  

A long stretch of really jobless days and yet another fire in the office later,  I decided I deserve better work and moved to a firm which was known for making people work a lot.  

As soon as I joined, I was given some important work; I worked happily and worked well.  Now the status of work is that I am writing blogs to fill up time. The saving grace is my boss also knows I have no work and is trying to come up with interesting stuff for me. 

If and when any accident happens here, I will know its time to leave.

One Response to “Berozgaar”
  1. L says:

    Gr8.. for a starter @ blogosphere.. u defn write well … now I might be biased when i say good.. cuz u defn rhyme in to my current sate of work (or rather lack of it). .. and as they say since you “empathized” with this reader…. reader is biased in ur favour….
    Hope more such interesting nuggets from ya.. to keep the 9-5 time alive!!
    Long live blogosphere!!

    Meanwhile.. Safe Working..;)

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