Adi Poli Trip!!

Back at work after what seems like a nice long break. Work seems much more boring after that, though I now know more people and know them better in office, so being in office is more fun. Excellent offsite! Aah! Kumarakom, Kerala. Excellent property, brilliantly green, awesome fun overall.

10th August ’07 – Around 1:30 A.M.

We reached backwater ripples, in the middle of the night after watching Don (the new one) in the bus from the airport to the hotel. The first memory for me will be getting off the bus and hearing the ‘Animatrix’ screaming “There are open loos!!!”

After a quick bite and a round of everyone’s rooms and making a lot of noise, we called it a day. When we checked them out, its basically around half the bathing area, which has an open grill on top. Scary in the first go but when you use it its not so bad (You just have to constantly pray that no coconut pickers choose the tree visible from where you are standing)

10th August ’07

The next morning was a day of team building exercises, with a team from Strawberry outbound. We learnt from them that our decibel level the previous night had shaken one of the coordinators out of deep sleep, and we were slightly embarrassed but also proud of the fact that the college time noise levels were still very much there.

Excellent activities, some indoors, a few out in the rain and the slush in the lawns. My team didn’t win many (actually we just won 2 out of around 7, one of which was disqualified on technical grounds), but still excellent fun, we were all very tired by the end of it.

We went for a fairly uneventful cruise, and took some pretty pictures. Kathakali performance arranged by the hotel, we expected it to be boring before we started, primarily because most of us didn’t understand the language. It was ok at first and slowly, the dancer involved all of us, we laughed and it was fun. The expressions though funny at times, were so diverse that you cannot help but appreciate the talent of the guy.

The team is made up of very young people, most in their early 20s, so even after the day of tiring activities; quite a few were enthu about the dance party. ‘A’ who compiled the song list had done a very good job. The dance party started after that and we had multiple requests and changes of songs but it went well, everyone enjoyed but slowly people started being lost to fatigue from the activities in the day.

11th August ’07

The next morning was supposed to be the slow bit, the meeting on the organizational goal and plans, our departmental goals and PPTs on different topics by some people in the team. Also there was a talk/discussion with HR which was supposed to last around 2 hours (Groan!).

Little did we know that it would be an action packed day, where there were fiery sessions about what is going wrong in the team and little pains and cribs and issues came up, we got a bit of ‘daant’ from the bosses to get our act together soon.


The work related presentation also went well, with most people showing interest in it. Quick lunch and then the HR session.


IMHO, this session turned out to be the one which ensured a fair amount of bonding in the team, everyone spoke up with the HR person being the self proclaimed devil’s advocate. She did her part and everyone did theirs. Everyone had the same problems and we all came together. What will be the outcome of the session? No idea and no expectations. As they say a common enemy makes people come together, here common problems brought people together to some extent.


We started the party around 7.30 in the evening with two of the new joinees or the ‘bachchas’  came up with a nice game and took everyone’s trip, they talked about someone’s antics on the dance floor, someone’s comments during the day and someone’s demeanour in general. It was all in good fun, and I think (and hope) no one took offence.


The music and dance after that was fun, people danced on everything from ‘Sweet Child of mine’ to ‘Tirchi topi wale’. I think everyone appreciated that the boss and the big boss also participated without any hassles and had fun together.


After the party ‘spirits’ were ‘high’ and some of the high-spirited people provided entertainment for all, some sang for us, some clarified the importance of mental mathematics and also some key financial concepts, we had a good laugh at everything.


We were nearing the end of our offsite, nothing was planned for the day, and we were to leave for Cochin the next day.

12th August ’07

Breakfast the next day, comprised giving some people a recap of what they had been up to in their state of inebriation.

Action shifted for some to packing and for some to the Carrom and TT tables. We left for Cochin and the bus trip had ‘hajaar’ rounds of  Dumb C and on some of them we laughed our heads off.

Small trip to the dutch palace in Cochin, which was not too exciting and straight to the airport  which meant more Dumb C and highly entertaining Punjab da puttar.

Thanks to Go Air, we were at the airport for 3 hours, where we spent all our time and most of the money shopping for random stuff, banana chips, cashews, other food and spices and everything in general.

We made up for not tasting any mallu food on the trip, for some reason the hotel people only served us food which was non-mallu. We had paneer, paranthas, and all sorts of veggies and fish made in Bengali style.

13th August ‘07

Back in Bombay and back at work. Boss will kill me if he realizes, I have been doing this for a long time, but had to do this, just wanted to say:

A big thanks to our Gujju Ben, Punjab da puttar, Ms. B (and anyone else I am missing) for the fun fun offsite!! J

 P.S. We saw little of the backwaters, but what the heck. At least for now, we can talk about the backwaters and say ‘been there, done that’. No one remembered to bring the pics to work today, otherwise would have posted some.

P.P.S. Now I am bored.


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