I have over time; read many blogs about North-Indians being stupid for calling people from the South of India “South Indians”. How when the term “madrasi” is used, its offensive to people from other states. Some of the blogs are funny and am always laughing away to glory at them. I personally think of writing a blog on the quirks and weird behaviour of punjus and it will be one long blog.  

I fail to understand the need to get so offended at the behaviour and the hyper reactions of some of the people who seem to think, their personal identity is being insulted when someone thinks they talk in Tamil rather than in Telugu or Kannada or Malayalam. I have been asked by a lot of people if all Punjabis wear a turban and them confusing Hindu-Punjabi with Sikh or being called North-Indian, Northie, or BNIs (Bloody North Indians J) as I read on some blog has not offended me. Think some people are more sensitive (or have some reason, which I am not aware of, to be more sensitive). Also I think being offended is now our national past time and these people are just doing what is popular. 

Being stupid 

How many people do you know who look at people with Mongoloid features and call them Chinese or South–East Asian? How many people would hear their language and say he/she was “saying something in Chinese”?  We accept it right, despite knowing its not correct technically. Probably because to the untrained ear, the languages sound the same or the difference in features are not strong enough to differentiate. In DU, the North-Eastern students are regularly referred to as Orientals (now that the previous and offensive “Chinks” is taboo). Even calling them North-Eastern, does not take into account their difference and assumes they are similar. Even now calling someone a gora or firang is not a sign of stupidity, it may be politically incorrect but not stupid.  Just wondering why its not ok to say South Indian, when saying North-Indian, North-Eastern is ok? And why is it not ok for North-Indians to confuse between the languages from the south when they do sound similar to most people? Honestly, I don’t really care but I have some free time in office and a vella mind. Have a nice day peoples! J

One Response to “BNIs”
  1. Rex says:

    Southies(read-mostly tamilians) have always had a big chip on the shoulder about being ‘dominated’ by north indians; I’d say the anti Hindi movements of the 60s also contributed to this general animosity. Which is also why north indians traveling to Madras (I hate calling it chennai!) have language problems.
    Go to Cochin or Bangalore or Hyderabad-you will definitely find Hindi speakers among the local populace.
    Add this to the general linguistic xenophobia prevalent in TN and Karnataka and there you have it.

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