Hello world!

Hello everyone!!!

Special Hello to the 2 people who might read this blog. Just starting this one, Being an MBA(Don’t judge me because of that), before starting I thought to myself (I do that a Lot!), is there a target group for this blog? What is the Genre this blog will fall in? The answers, just like the result of a market research project were very vague and as useful as playing with Australia is to the Indian Cricketers ego.

Anyways, the infinite wisdom (or stupidity) in my mind has told me, the blog is targetted at anyone, who is vella/velli. The fellow professionals, who are being paid to fraud their way through the week, so that they can use that money to party on the weekend, the students who when they take a break from their heavy schedule of gaming, anyone else who has decided to visit a lesser known blog as their good deed for the day. Welcome one and all! About the Genre, the answer from MR was much clearer – It falls into NO GENRE AT ALL! Anything which is interesting enough to share, or weird enough not to discuss with the my friends and family, will find its place here.

A very special message to all the people who will now or in the future, dislike or hate this blog, get pained or irritated – In my profile you will find, I have described my personality as Scary as hell! It is not one of the things which people write to appear more interesting than they are, Its the absolute truth. I am not called Kaaliya for my sweet nature you see!

So enjoy the blog!! (You better!!!)

P.S. The site would have been up yesterday, could not find an old piece I had written earlier, so still looking for that. Found one which I will post soon.

One Response to “Hello world!”
  1. Bhars says:

    Hello Kaaliya,

    Hope u are doing fine. Bumped into this from Sidin’s links. Will bookmark it! Happy Blogging.

    Do mail me when u get time.


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