Time – Waqt ki keemat!!

N.B. Wrote this is Mid Jan 2007, no place to post then, so posting now.

Time. Time is at a premium! We hear frequently. I just want to meet some such people, want to talk to them (just a few minutes, won’t take much of their time) My question is: Really??? Time is at a premium right now?? Can I sell some please; I currently have a surplus, in fact have had a surplus for the last one and a half years, had I known, I would have made a killing by now. Which also brings me to another point, EXCUSE ME!, who said time is money, is it?? IS IT?? So, you are then reading the blabberings of the Richest Indian Woman….Oprah! you have competition!!

Anyways, my disguised unemployment leads to me spending time reading about anything and anyone on the net. A close friend just got an admit into NUC, Woohoo(!!!) Sim, Very happy for you. Went to her blog and read through a lot of stuff she had written, started searching for Duke’s (another dear friend is there) and found her on the website, quite cool to see her name there. Wondering how all of us, my gang of friends have landed up in different corners of the world, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, North Carolina, Hyderabad, and Bangalore etc. Pretty cool, The group (called negro umbrella – which has 2 interesting stories behind it), is now rocking but still very much in touch.

In this whole friend searching, I googled for another friend who is into blogging and at ISB these days and saw a lot of links for her name and her blog. This obviously made me think, maybe someone somewhere has put in my name on the net, maybe of all the places I have been, the school, the college, the institute, the place of work, anywhere, has some reference to my name. Maybe one of my friends, my acquaintances, even people who hate me, have left a remark for me, a compliment, a hate message and in the day of racial slurs, a slur about me, my age, my being horizontally challenged, my having a pathetic good for nothing job, my snort while laughing…ok I must stop, getting slightly depressed. Anyways, moral of the story, no reference to me, anywhere on the net.

I should have my name on the net you know, it would feel nice to read it. I am sure my parents would make it their homepage and wallpaper, hopefully. A biography of me on the net, an interview with some celebrated reporter, when hopefully I am more celebrated than the reporter, unlike the Roshan Seth hosted Jeena Isi ka naam hai, seems like one of the spectators from the set have jumped on to the center and are being talked about, its quite funny. I saw one episode while surfing and then kept thinking, have seen this woman somewhere, in a detergent ad, as a newsreader or in one of the million K serials. Still can’t figure out.

Anyways back on the point (trust me there is one….I think), so my bio on the net in a few years from now, should hopefully read something like:

Kaaliya Kapoor, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in India currently, was in conversation with Karan Thapar. She is a true case of sad-job to sexy-businesswoman type of story. She is known worldwide for her creative talent and her business of <will be something good, I promise> is making waves all around the world. Her portfolio of clients include, the Bachchans, Brad Pitt, Mathew Perry, and many other noted celebs and heads of state. Apart from the award for the most successful entrepreneur, she has also won the MTV God-she’s-too-pretty award and also the brouhaha award for amazing sense of humour. She was recently on the Oprah-Winfrey show, and O has told NBC that she has learnt a lot about life and work from this great woman.

Etc etc…

Seems like a nice thought…doesn’t it?

2 Responses to “Time – Waqt ki keemat!!”
  1. kritika says:

    you might also want to consider the millions you would be raking in when the secret behind your going from, “oho…” to “Oh My God Vow!!” makes its debut on Oprah!!
    And oh! You left out Akshay Kumar and Tom Cruise…… give the lesser mortals a fair chance as well :))

    Great Read…..

  2. She says:

    Hehehehe!!! Well, atleast we’ve identified a business for you now!!!

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