• Hello! Welcome to my blog. This will hopefully develop into a food blog at best and will remain a blog with random posts at worst. In either case, hope you enjoy it. Do leave comments on what you like/dislike/agree/disagree and any suggestions for recipes. See you around!
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Meet a hypocrite

I have never tried reading poetry. Lack of self confidence has led me to assume I will not understand/appreciate it. It is stupid to judge things before trying them, I know. But that is what this post is all about. The best way to start this post is with this lovely doha (couplet) by Kabir: … Continue reading

Good intentions and all that. Does hazelnut cake make up for inaction?

Time passes so quickly, it boggles my mind. It has been more than a year since we moved to London. It has been long enough for me to realise that this new job is also as boring/mundane as all other jobs. At least the people in my team are nice. Even in this year, I … Continue reading

Breakfast of champions

I was looking for a Tiramisu recipe today, because I met a friend over the weekend, who reminded me of my experiment with tiramisu a few years back. As an aside, I can’t believe how quickly the last few years have passed, I am getting old very quickly, Sigh. Anyhow, one recipe I found for … Continue reading

Finished chocolate eclairs

Eclairs. Cadbury’s and otherwise.

The first thought in my head when I hear the word eclair is always Cadbury’s eclairs. The yummy sweets which I still don’t say no to. Me and my cousin, who is 6 months elder and lives in Jallandhar, once had a competition for eating eclairs. Now unlike competitions where the aim is how many … Continue reading

Plum Crumble

Super simple plum crumble

Heyllo all! After the very enthu post announcing the beginning of the food blog, I disappeared. The reasons I don’t want to get into, suffice to say some very personal reasons. And when it was not that, it was just laziness. Anyways, moving on swiftly to the business of food blogging, I bring to you … Continue reading